What’s new? RCP Metal Prints

We have been keeping this under wraps while we ran heavy duty 3 phase power to the building, remodeled the production area to accommodate the new hardware, and took possession of (2) metal print “ovens”, and the printer to create the transfer paper prints.  Now that everything is in place, tested, and functioning we want to let you know we are able to print beautiful rich color prints on aluminum panels through the wonders of science and the dye sublimation process.

he hardware will accept sizes up to 40″x60″. We keep inventory in large sheets and can custom cut to the size you desire. We will keep inventories of “clear” and “white” blanks in gloss and mat finishes. Custom and unique sizes are not a problem. There is no additional fee for “non standard” print sizes.

These amazing prints are UV and scratch resistant. The process infuses color into the surface of the aluminum providing deep color intensity and definition. The surface is able to be cleaned with cleaners and disinfectants without damage. This makes these prints a great match in food service and healthcare environments. RCP will offer several options for mounting these prints. Simple aluminum easel,   3/4″ wood spacer recessed 2″ from edge, a flush mount 3/4″ aluminum space is available, double stacked prints with spacer,  as well as mouldings from our framing department.

This print technology is an easy match for photography of all times. We have been pleasantly surprised at how well a variety of paintings have transferred to metal.  We would love to test your painting!

As with our other printing services, RCP can ship your prints safely and efficiently.