Rose Ellis “The Business of Art”

The Business of Art

Our friend Rose Ellis has a keen eye for design and really understands “the Business of Art”.  Working with Rose to get her ideas from concept to reality is alway a challenge, and always fun! She approached us last winter asking if we could enlarge a photo of a brick wall with some lettering to cover a wall in a condominium hallway. Without hesitation we said yes, and the process started. RCP Artist Services took the professional photos of the original brick wall and created a vinyl piece 19′ long by 7′ tall.

Vinyl Wall Graphic from photo images of actual brick wall

Vinyl Wall Graphic from photo images of actual brick wall

Always Looking for opportunity

Ms. Ellis ( / is always pushing to get her art in front of people whether it be by “painting in the window” of her studio in downtown Grand Rapids, or working with interior designers, or creating ambitious commission work for business or residential environments. The photos below detail a project in a remodeled private home. An original painting by Ms. Ellis was scanned with our Cruse Synchron, and (9) individual panels were created with self adhesive vinyl. The individual panels ranged is size from 48″ square to over 72″x44″. The pictures of the end result do not do the project justice. Suffice to say, all involved were pleased.

Putting the first panel in place

Installing large vinyl panels

A view of the complete project

More to Come?

Do your clients need this type of service? Have you asked them? Do you know what to discuss with them? Would you like to have additional revenue streams for your artwork? RCP Artists Services has the resources to support your efforts as you consider how to make the most of the business of art.