RCP’s Fine Art Scanning Technology

Are you still wondering what all the hype surrounding RCP’s fine art scanning is all about? Now you can preview RCP’s scanning technology by checking out our YouTube channel and watching videos of our equipment in action!

When it comes to creating digital files of your art, there is no better technology than fine art scanning. Scanning your art allows you to maximize your arts potential in a variety of ways. For example, your digital files can be used to create a portfolio of past work, create reproduction prints of the originals, submit artwork online to juried art shows or file for copyright protection.

Scanning art for a digital archive is important because even if an original art piece has been sold, the artist still retains the intellectual property rights to that piece. Artists can continue to sell reproductions or license their images even after it has been sold. Legally, this can be done, but only if the artist has a good quality, digital record of the original art.

RCP’s Cruse scanner is designed specifically for the task of scanning art. Our scanner can accommodate art up to 48×72 inches in a single scan. The Cruse scanner never touches your art directly and does not emit UV light or heat that could potential damage the art.

Still not convinced that RCP’s technology is right for you? Watch the process now by clicking the link to our Youtube channel or schedule your no obligation visit with RCP today! We’re confident that we can provide you with everything you need to maximize the potential of your art.