Professional Lab vs. Consumer Lab Photographs

You’ve taken the time to schedule a photo shoot for your family portraits, coordinated everyone’s outfits, paid a professional photographer and managed to smile throughout your whole photo session. Now comes the easy part, where you can sit back and relax while your photos are being printed. However, you should think twice about where to get your precious pictures developed.

Several retail stores, such as Target or Walgreens, offer consumer labs where photographs can be printed. These shops are great for printing everyday quality, smaller prints in a hurry. But when it comes to your best photos, especially when printing in sizes greater than 5×7, on specialty paper or in black and white, a professional lab is a must. Why spend so much money on a professional photographer only to receive mediocre, flat prints?

RCP offers professional level photography printing and so much more. Our photo experts take the time to color correct images before they are printed, ensuring that each print reflects the original photo. RCP can also add color variations to your prints if desired, like black and white, sepia tones, etc. We can also add text to your photos to commemorate a special date, name or location. We offer gallery wrapped canvas prints in a variety of sizes as well, which showcase your photos in a unique way.

On top of all of these great options, RCP now includes a custom frame and mat shop for your prints. RCP has hundreds of mouldings and colored mats to choose from to complete the look of your photographs. Even if you do not print at RCP, our framing service is available to any customer.

Come in to our shop Monday through Saturday to see our professional prints and frames in person. We look forward to serving you and preserving your precious memories!