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Photographic and Fine Art Restoration Services

Every old photo has been on its own unique journey. Whether its been framed in front of a window or stored in a damp attic; each photo tells its story through the wrinkles, fading and ravages of time. 
The professionals at RCP Artist Services are experts in bringing these snapshots in time back to life. We specialize in photographic and fine art restoration services to museums, historic sites and many homes across the globe. Images are scanned in high resolution and faithfully reproduced with exacting detail. For items that are heavily damaged, our team of experts can retouch areas of damage to restore the appearance of the original image. We then digitally reproduce these images onto acid-free paper with archival ink, and can provide a wide range of matting, framing and/or digital storage options. 
RCP’s experts can also “improve” images upon request such as whitening teeth, removing skin blemishes, removing or adding a person in a photo, or simply turning an old black and white image into a colorful masterpiece! 
While it’s true that most of our restoration work is on heirloom photos and damaged artwork; we can also improve the appearance of other precious items. Have you always wanted to replace the disheveled dust jacket to your favorite classic novel? Renew pages from important letters, journals or books? Or perhaps restore the marriage certificate of your Great- Grandparents? RCP can assist in document restoration of all kinds!   
To see how RCP can turn back the hands of time on your priceless mementos, contact us at 517-647-4600.

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