Art Reproduction in everyday places

Ever imagined your art in everyday places?

One of the things we tell our clients is “You never know where your art is going to take you.” A great example of this played out recently for Grand Rapids native and artist Roger Bruinekool.  Mr. Bruinekool was commissioned to install fine art reproduction pieces of some of his work in elevators of a renovated office building in downtown Grand Rapids. The install in the elevators would coincide with the hanging of his original work in the building lobby.

The first task was to get the “elevator pieces” scanned with our Cruse Synchron scanner. Once the digital files were created, we worked with the artist to crop the images to fit the confines of elevator. Print testing and evaluation of the files were also done with artist present.

Large Format Output to Create Art Reproduction

Once the files are cropped to size and meet the approval of the artist, they are set for large format output to vinyl with a protective laminate overlay. This produced an accurate and long lasting print. The art reproduction stays true to the original paintings created by Mr. Bruinekool.


You never know

You could get a call tomorrow with a request for a unique application of your art. RCP can help get that project from drawing board to completion. We can assist with client meetings, site/venue visits, scanning, reproduction options, and professional installation.

Call us, we can help your ideas become beautiful, long lasting reality.