Are you ready for Art Fair Season?

Let me just get it out there, spring is just around the corner!  Are you ready for the upcoming art fair season? Are you looking at any new festivals for 2017?

Beautiful day at the art fair

It has been a long, dreary winter here in Michigan, and I imagine our artist friends feverishly creating new and exciting works for the upcoming spring and summer season.

The “to do” List

I expect you artists that try to make a living traveling the art show seaon, have lists of tasks to accomplish before that first event this spring. Things like tent/canopy maintenance, vehicle/trailer maintenance, making sure show submission schedules are met, booking lodging, booking pet nanny, scheduling time away from the “real” job,

Certainly, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg as one prepares for a successful art fair season.

RCP can help!!

Does your booth need updating?  RCP can create full color, heavy duty banners, and signs to promote or brand your booth area.

Fine Art reproductions open up your options for more sales. RCP offers fine art reproductions, with a print on demand philosophy.  We will also package the prints ready for sale with a foam backer and sealed acid free clear bag.

Fine art Prints in protective packaging

Consider a metal print for your booth. Metal prints are very popular, they draw potential customers into your space and allow you to start the conversation. Your unique art will look good on metal!!

Is your handout collateral current and up to date? You want to make sure the people visiting your booth are able to walk away with a relevant marketing hand out. We can help you design, layout and print this material.

Artist Services

RCP Artist Services has a wide range of services to assist with your artistic endeavours. Behind those services are a group of talented and dedicated people who would be excited to help you succeed.