Month: May 2019

Frosted Vinyl Window treatments

Frosted Vinyl Options RCP offers several options when it comes to frosted vinyl window treatments. The material can be completely opaque or it can have varying degrees of translucence. Our computer aided die cutter will create unique and accurate shapes and designs. RCP has the ability to print color on frosted material, or print color […]

Rose Ellis “The Business of Art”

The Business of Art Our friend Rose Ellis has a keen eye for design and really understands “the Business of Art”.  Working with Rose to get her ideas from concept to reality is alway a challenge, and always fun! She approached us last winter asking if we could enlarge a photo of a brick wall […]

Art Reproduction in everyday places

Ever imagined your art in everyday places? One of the things we tell our clients is “You never know where your art is going to take you.” A great example of this played out recently for Grand Rapids native and artist Roger Bruinekool.  Mr. Bruinekool was commissioned to install fine art reproduction pieces of some […]

Are you ready for Art Fair Season?

Let me just get it out there, spring is just around the corner!  Are you ready for the upcoming art fair season? Are you looking at any new festivals for 2017? Beautiful day at the art fair It has been a long, dreary winter here in Michigan, and I imagine our artist friends feverishly creating […]

How to Price Art

Pricing art isn’t like choosing a number from a hat. If you’re trying to sell your art, it’s because one or more reasons have driven you to make the attempt. Therefore, why not honor those reasons by using reasoning to determine your pricing? There is an article titled “How to Price Art,” which covers some key points we think every artist should […]

On the Road with RCP Artist Services

We are very excited to tell you about our first art guild presentation. A conversation started months ago about giving a presentation at a monthly meeting of the Jackson Civic Art Association. Vice President of the group Carrie Joers, worked hard to secure the right date and it was agreed that we would come for one […]

What’s new? RCP Metal Prints

We have been keeping this under wraps while we ran heavy duty 3 phase power to the building, remodeled the production area to accommodate the new hardware, and took possession of (2) metal print “ovens”, and the printer to create the transfer paper prints.  Now that everything is in place, tested, and functioning we want […]

Pedro Crespo “Abstract Start to Finish”

It was about two years ago when we first met Pedro Crespo and were introduced to his uniquely bold and thought provoking abstract painting style. He had a process in his head, and enlisted our help to create digital files and prints for experimentation to create a foundation of the work in the above photo. […]

Professional Lab vs. Consumer Lab Photographs

You’ve taken the time to schedule a photo shoot for your family portraits, coordinated everyone’s outfits, paid a professional photographer and managed to smile throughout your whole photo session. Now comes the easy part, where you can sit back and relax while your photos are being printed. However, you should think twice about where to […]

RCP’s Fine Art Scanning Technology

Are you still wondering what all the hype surrounding RCP’s fine art scanning is all about? Now you can preview RCP’s scanning technology by checking out our YouTube channel and watching videos of our equipment in action! When it comes to creating digital files of your art, there is no better technology than fine art […]